Galvanic Isolator

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To meet the current CE standard (ENSIO 13297) the ground of the AC shore power must be connected to the ground of the boat. The ground of the boat is in connection with the fuselage, fuel tank, engine, propeller, shaft etc. Safety is taken for granted in case of a normal on-shore installation. A fuse will blow or a Ground Fault Current Interrupter (GFCI) will trip in case of a short circuit or current leakage to ground. Connecting the ground wire of the AC-shore power, to the metal parts of the boat will result in galvanic corrosion. Bringing only the live and neutral wire onboard results in an unsafe situation because GFCI’s will not work nor will a fuse blow of a short circuit to a metal part on the boat. It is a ferry tail that galvanic corrosion only occurs in metal and aluminium hulls. In fact it can occur on any boat as soon as a metal part (shaft and propeller) is in contact with water. The corrosion will quickly dissolve your zinc anodes and attack the shaft, propeller, and other metal parts in contact with the water as soon as the boat is connected to the AC shore. The galvanic isolator eliminates any electrical continuity between the AC shore power and the boat. The isolator maintains a threshold tension of approximately of 2V; the tension differences are raised between the metals.The galvanic isolator can handle a very high current in case of a ground fault, there of the isolator is having a solid construction for safety reasons. When a light weight is requested, the galvanic isolators is the most ideal product to be placed between the ground of the AC-shore power and the boat but the GI 16 is not having soft start.

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Galvanic Isolator

Technische specificaties

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Eenheid 1
Weight 1.0000
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Type galvanic isolator
Ampère 16A
Length 200.0mm
Width 120.0mm
Height 60.0mm