Ripca is a Supplier / Manufacturer of Auto-electrical connector products such as Cable, Terminals, Battery Terminals and Covers, Fuses, Cable Straps, Relays, Switches etc.

The present range of products available does not reveal the roots of Ripca.  In the Early 1900's the English Ripaults begans as a manufacturer of Spark Plugs.  Sadly this product is no longer in our range.  By Mid 1980 Ripca became an independent company and proud owner of the Registered Trademark Ripaults.

From that time onwards Ripca has continued to improve the quality of the products supplied.  Ripca has during this time obtained the ISO 9002:2008 Certificate of Registration and deals with suppliers that have also been approved to this standard.

The wide range of products is unique as we not only stock fast movers, but also the less popular items and an increasing number of products are manufactured by Ripca.

Our customers base consists of well known Car manufacturers, Coach Builders, Harness Makers, Wholesalers, Suppliers of LPG Equipment and end users all over Europe.
From the large warehouse (1700m2) we supply 99% from stock.  If you ask Ripaults customers about their experiences, they wil tell you Ripca offers a fast and reliable service because of the people involved and the level of stock.

You will find that Ripca people know what they are talking about.

Now, only one thing remains, find out for yourself.  Get Connected to Ripca.